Topics for NEH Grant

Topics for NEH Grant

Topic 1

African-American Court-Martial cases in the first half of the 20th century- using primary sources, newspapers, personal accounts and interactive maps to show the number of court-martial cases during this time period and the disproportion of convictions and punishments.  Can include big ones in CA, WA, TX and smaller ones around the country including Fort Devens.

Topic 2

Early Republic American Indian Court Cases- similar website showing where and how American Indians used the law to find the limits of their “sovereignty” both on a local scale and federal scale.

Topic 3

Using the story of Fort Devens as a way to tell the story of America in World War I and World War II.  This project would use digital stories (3 for WWI: African-American Men, German POWs, and Immigrant soldiers and 3 for WWII: African-American Men, African-American Women and German and Italian POWs) to present the arguments and narrative.

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